About Kombukarious

Early in 2017, Kari visited a friend’s restaurant in Cape Town. Loving their space, their hearts and their vision, Kari was inspired to join their path in some way. When they identified a kombucha gap in the restaurant’s product range, Kari realised that this was her journey.

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that also tastes good. In many countries, drinking kombucha is a time-honoured tradition with proven nutritional components and long lasting health benefits.

Kombucha is made by adding yeast and a culture of bacteria to a mixture of black or green tea, sugar, and sometimes additional flavourings or fruit juice. After the tea is blended with sugar, it becomes kombucha with the help of something called a SCOBY, or  Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. These live bacteria sets the stage for a fermentation process, which is what gives kombucha its slight effervescence and tart-and-tangy taste.

With a degree in horticulture and a passion for growing things, brewing this amazing, living, versatile tea quickly became a new passion. Kari converted her kitchen and store-room into a brewery as word spread and the local demand grew. Planet friendly packaging was sourced and local staff employed to work under Kari’s close supervision to the highest standards.

Today Kombukarious is a well-recognised brand and ships the finest kombucha products throughout South Africa.

Kombukarious offers a wide range of all-natural delicious kombucha products.

Blueberry Infused Kombukarious Vinegars

Kombukarious kombucha contains real fruit, herbs and spices and has a homemade, concentrated palate. It is less gassy than commercial kombucha, retaining only the perfect levels of natural effervescence needed for kombucha’s trademark slightly bubbly, tangy taste. We are passionate about caring for our planet, which means that our kombucha comes in recyclable glass bottles, with a returns policy to ensure value and less packaging littering the earth.

We have recently broadened our range to Kefir Water, another fermented drink full of live probiotics. Kefir water is delicious on its own, and adds that special something when mixed into cocktails.

Kombucha vinegar became a natural extension of the kombucha range. Our kombucha is fermented in wooden barrels for a year, turning it into kombucha vinegar, and then infused with various herbs and fruits. Browse our vinegar section for your favorite flavours and suggestions on how to use kombucha vinegar.

Last – but definitely not least – is our range of kombucha ice creams. Made with a base of coconut milk and kombucha, they are delicious, refreshing and healthy, and will have your family coming back for seconds and thirds!

Kombukarious Product Range

Kombukarious creates a wide range of kombucha using black, white, rooibos and herbal teas combined with natural flavourings. We have flavours to suit every taste, from the sweeter fruity flavours to the more potent brews. Our aim is a healthy, refreshing, delicious drink which is also naturally beautiful and earth-friendly in its packaging.

Kombukarious also offers a delicious range of kefir waters, ice creams and vinegars.